Save GREEN with your fresh GREENS!

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, here’s a little tip on how to save some GREEN using your fresh GREENS!

Fresh herbs are plentiful during the summer, sometimes TOO plentiful, how can you preserve the surplus for the winter months?? Demarle at Home to the rescue!

1. Chop up your favorite fresh herbs and mix with your choice of melted butter or your favorite olive oil. Place any small sized Demarle at Home Tray onto a Perforated Baking Sheet (or other hard surface that will fit in your freezer). Pour the mixture into the wells of the tray.

2. Place in the freezer until solid. Pop them out of the tray, and place in a labeled ziplock bag or airtight container. (The butter, once solidified, can be stored in the fridge if you are planning on using it soon.)

3. When you are ready to use them, take them straight from the freezer to your pan!

Have some fun with these oils and butters. Play with different infused olive oils (Demarle at Home has some great ones) or make your own compound butter adding some extra spices like salt, cinnamon, honey or garlic!

Imagine how fancy it would be if all of your dinner guests had their own personal pat of herbed butter at dinner!


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