Product Spotlight: Round Molds

The second product that I would like to spotlight, is the line of Round Molds that Demarle at Home offers. There are currently five sizes available in the catalog:img_6873

Mini Cake Mold 4.5″ diameter x 2.5″ height, 16 oz capacity

Small Round Mold 7″ diameter x 2.75″ height, 1.5 qt capacity

Medium Round Mold 9″ diameter x 2.25″ height, 2 qt capacity

Large Round Mold 9.5″ diameter x 2.5″ height, 3 qt capacity

Grande Round Mold 11.5″ diameter x 2″ height, 3 qt capacity

I chose to spotlight these products, because they are extremely versatile and an affordable way to get started exploring Demarle at Home.


img_6458I have the Mini Cake Mold, and have already used it in many different ways! I’ve made a personal sized cake, melted dipping chocolate, microwaved scrambled eggs, heated up cheese dip, poured hot grease in it to freeze, reheated leftovers and baked a crustless quiche. Not only is it able to go from microwave, to oven, to freezer, it is amazingly easy to clean! Just like all of the Demarle at Home products, all it takes to wash it is some warm soapy water and a quick rinse!

img_6872Depending on your needs, the Small, Medium and Large Round Molds are great for casseroles, cakes, cheesecakes, vegetables, reheating in the microwave, roasting meat, layered deserts, popcorn, rice, breads, pot pies and so much more! What sets the Demarle at Home products apart from the rest, is that not only does nothing stick to the mold, but you can either flip your desserts over to remove or pull the edges down to remove. The round mold’s ability to fold also makes pouring out grease simple and clean, as well as pouring leftovers into a container.img_6639

Oh…did I mention that they can be used in the crockpot as a removable and easy to clean liner?!

The Grande Mold has the same capacity as the Large Round Mold, but has a larger diameter and shorter height. This mold works great for Pizza Bowls, German Pancakes, Dutch Babies or anything where you need a large surface area.

If you are curious about the Demarle at Home product line, consider ordering one of these Round Molds to start your collection. Once you try them out in your kitchen, and see how easy and fast they make your cooking, you will be hooked!

TIP: The Octogonal Silpat works as a great non-stick lid or splatter guard for the Round Molds that can be used in the oven or microwave!


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