Product Spotlight: Perforated Baking Sheet

Today’s Product Spotlight is the Perforated Baking Sheet. I chose to spotlight this product first, because it is the foundation of almost all of the other Demarle at Home products!

The patented Silicone and Woven Glass molds, trays and sheets are a priceless investment in your kitchen. They will save you so much time, make cooking easy and fun, and produce beautiful results to wow your family and friends.

In order for these amazing products to really work their “magic” however, they need the ability for the warm air to flow all around the edges of the food. You really will notice the difference in the results of your recipes when using your Molds and Trays on top of the Perforated Baking Sheet. Everything cooks evenly, no burnt edges, and no cold spots!

The Medium Perforated Baking Sheet is the most popular. It will fit almost all of the Demarle at Home products that are sold, as well as the standard sized Medium Silpat. Start with one of these to use with the products you are investing in.

The Perforated Baking Sheet also comes Small and Large sizes as well.

The Small Perforated Baking Sheet will fit in most toaster ovens, compact RV ovens, and works perfectly for compact kitchens or when baking with kids! Demarle at Home also sells a Small Silpat that fits perfectly as well as some smaller sized Trays and Molds that will fit on this as well!

The Large Perforated Baking Sheet is perfect for larger batch cooking, has the ability to hold multiple molds, and also had a matching Large Silpat and fits the Grande Flexiflat.


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